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Athol Fugard's Statements After an Arrest Under the Immorality Act

A man and a woman in love. A man and woman having an affair. A black man and a white woman having an illegal affair. Fugard's rhythmic, poetic tragedy is an intimate and blistering review of racial injustice and the idiosyncrasies in any relationship. 

Woman, Frieda Joubert: Megan McDermott, AEA

Man, Errol Philander: Brandon Pierce, AEA

Det. Sergeant J. Du Preez: Jay Stratton, AEA (V.O.)

Stage Manager: Rae Labadie

Lighting Designer: Eric Baker

Photos: Lauren Sowa

Free Library of Philadelphia, Independence Branch

Philadelphia Fringe Festival, 2017

Press Highlights:

"Director Bicica works with the play’s different moods effectively, moving in a heartbeat from gentle, tender moments to flashes of heightened tension" - 

"Director Leigh E. Bicica...skillfully uses lighting and sound to stoke menace..." - 

"Under Bicica’s direction, they convey a universe of human study, connection, and injustice within the confines of a single blanket spread on the ground." - 

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