About Leigh

Leigh is a theatre artist who directs, devises, writes, produces, and performs. She is particularly inspired by highly poetic language, minimal design, and moments that seek to surprise. Her work encompasses devised theatre, new plays, mixed-media pieces, and classical plays. Her style is often minimalist, as she prefers to rely on the actor's instrument over heavy technical and design elements. She loves the rehearsal process, where she can help actors develop their characters and create a world with them that will captivate an audience. After not acting for around eight years, Leigh performed her solo play The Live-Streaming Confessional of #stacylucky in last year's Philadelphia Fringe Festival, reminding herself that acting is exhilarating and scary, and how important it is to work off an audience. 

A very new resident of San Diego, Leigh moved to California after living in Philadelphia for ten years, though she was born and bred in Central Jersey. (Yes, that's a real place). Travel is a great passion of Leigh's - Muir Woods and Barcelona are standouts, for very different reasons. 


Some favorites things: Freedom of press, hiking and trail-running, sociology, books, dirty martinis, Harry Potter, cucumbers, dissent, the New York Times, the New York Times Crossword, and the Oxford comma. 

Artistic Statement

Theatre is a gritty, magical, unpredictable, terrifying, and absolutely beautiful art form where a group of people, both performers and viewers, are forced to confront each other and the story together. 

I do theatre to provoke, expose, tell stories, and celebrate life. 


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