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The Live-Streaming Confessional of #stacylucky

Part of the 2019 Philadelphia Fringe Festival

Writer, producer, performer: Leigh E. Bicica

Director, dramaturg: Brey Ann Barrett

Stage manager: Scout Cox

Animation: Jeremy Gable


Stacy Lutke, aka, the internet phenomenon #stacylucky, is just your average millennial, Midwesterner who graduated college a few years ago and is trying to make her mark on the world. And find her tribe. And work on her #adulting. Okay, so, Stacy is a little lost. But that's okay! She has thousands of subscribers on TwitchTv, Periscope, Instagram, and Twitter to help her along. Nothing could go wrong. 

Photos: Brey Ann Barrett

Publicity Image: Kevan Sullivan

Venue: Twenty-Two Gallery

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