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My first full-length.

My first Fringe. 


An outdoor, midnight, BYOB shocker of a play (or is it more torture porn?) that was inspired by the likes of Wes Craven, Quentin Tarantino, Virginia, and the worst teenagers you've ever met. 


Director/Producer: Leigh E. Bicica

Playwright/Producer: Haygen Brice Walker


Kori: Jenna Kuerzi

Dan: Arlen Hancock

Tyger: Joe Canuso

Bethanne: Campbell O'Hare

Gemma: Zoe Richards

Oswald: Aaron Palmer, Richard Chan, Maggie Johnson


Production Design/Special Effects: Stephen Lieboff

Costumes: Campbell O'Hare

Lighting: Eric Baker


Photos: Leigh E. Bicica and Campbell O'Hare


Philadelphia Fringe Festival

Outdoor courtyard @ Headlong Dance Studios


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