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May 3, 2016

One of my great mentors once asked my senior theatre class what a director does. The three of us sat and thought about it for a few minutes, and then we started spewing out many long, convoluted answers  - you know that stage in life when you want everyone to be super-impressed with how smart you are? Yeah.

She wrote all our answers on the board without a word. Twenty minutes later, we had exhausted ourselves. We knew that when she didn’t respond, she hadn’t found her answer. And so she stared us down and told us what a director does.


“A director tells a story.”


I’ve come a long way since then – graduating high school, college, college plays, graduating college, finding my place in the theatrical community, starting a theatre company. I’ve worked with many actors. I’ve assistant directed. I’ve read all sorts of books and studied all sorts of techniques. And a director still tells a story. First and foremost. The women I’m sharing this showcase with all come from different places and backgrounds and have very different styles and techniques and tastes. But we are all telling stories, and we are all telling stories because we think we have something to say about the world, and something to say to the world. And what a wonderful gift that is. 


She Directs will feature work directed by some really talented, classy ladies – Amber Emory, Christina Franklin, Manon Manavit, and Sarah Mitteldorf.

And my fellow Rejects.


Elaina Di Monaco. I have known this girl for six years – wow – and we will always be there for each other –to support, to challenge. Elaina does not get impressed with herself easily – she prefers to keep pushing for something better. As a director, she loves working with actors and has a great talent for revving her team up to be as passionate as she is about what they are working on. She excels at directing musicals, but she also loves dark, heavy-themed straight plays that make you question what is truly right and wrong, where the grey areas lie within our lives, and how the choices characters make affect much more than we think – their lives are our lives. Elaina is fierce.


Christine Freije. I haven’t known her long, but I know she is vastly intelligent and has a great work ethic. I think she is a director of ideas. I think she loves to play with how to tell a story, mess with structure and plot, and dissect writing until she finds a meaning no one else has seen before. She loves Shakespeare, and from what I’ve seen so far, she has some exciting ideas about messing with him – The Tempest in eight minutes? The Taming of the Shrew deconstructed with a ‘found footage’ approach to better understand how women in society are treated and why they think they deserve to be treated that way? Yes. Christine is ready, whether you are or not.


Please join us. We want to share our stories. 



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